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Japan Metal/ Pop Group ‘BABYMETAL’ Can’t Decide What Kind of Band it Wants To Be!

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I think the people of Japan just hate being bored. They spend so much time in office buildings and on the Shinkansen (high speed bullet train) that they crave something to break them out of their monotony.

weird monsters in city
"Every Tuesday it's the same thing."

So the existence of BabyMetal, a new Japan music group that combines hardcore, frightening metal with sweet pop melodies, shows that the Japanese have grown tired of metal music at the exact same time they've grown tired of pop music. Because if The Flintstones Meet The Jetsons taught us anything, it's that two boring things get better when they're put together.

Um, Japan? Babies don't like this.

The members of the group are are Su-Metal (vocals, dance), Moametal (screams, dance), and Yuimetal (screams, dance).

three members of band
No one knows where the guitars come from.

So the question is— why combine these two opposing genres in the first place? And we might never know exactly what was going on in SU-Metal's mind (who does?), but I like to think it's a meta-comment on the nature of metal itself. Despite the scary riffs and aggressive sounds, metal music is another way for people who are hurt or angry to express themselves. Metalheads have a tough exterioro, but inside, they're just a bunch of softies like you and me!

metalheads in front of a moonbounce
Most metalheads just want to get in a moonbounce and have some F-U-N fun!

What do you think of Babymetal? Are you angry they got their metal in your bubble gum pop? Or are you upset they got their bubble gum pop in your metal? Let me know on Twitter @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!


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