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Japan Teaches Its Young People How To Date??

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Japan has like, a crapload of old people right now. Over a quarter of Japan's population is over 65. That means if you're Japanese and you're making out with a stranger in the dark, there is a one in four chance that person is at least 65.



Eh, making out is making out


To combat this, Japanese prefectures are starting to hold local classes to teach young people how  to make themselves hot.



Done and done


Also, the classes are structured around teaching them how to break the ice and go on dates, as this video below details.

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While the elderly problem is partly to blame for this not having more children phenomena, there are other factors that experts blame, including the shark-like focus Japanese youth are taught as regards their professional life. In Japan, work life is considered to be of such import that often young people simply forgo dating to focus on work. Which is way less sexy of Japan than Manga would have you believe.



I thought all Japanese girls did was fight space crime and wear tiny underwear


Another problem is a new trend in Japan known as "herbivore men," which are men that have totally sworn off sex and dating. They're like me in high school, but on purpose. 



Boy did I not have sex in high school


Hopefully these classes get some young Japanese peole to lay each other, because the last thing I need when I visit Japan is to not get to hear loud sex noises from open windows while I'm trying to find a nice place to eat sushi.


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