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Japanese Student Makes Font Out Of Leg Hair

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Mayuko Kanazaw has dreamed the impossible dream. Russia had the first chimp in space. The United States had the first man on the moon. The Mayans invented the number zero. Now a Japanese woman has changed all of our lives for the better once again by inventing a font made out of human leg hair.



The font is organic, meaning that in order to make the font she didn't photoshop what appeared to be leg hair, but actually manipulated leg hair into letter shapes to create the font.



Knowing the import of what she stumbled onto, she then created a mockup of an Adidas ad using the font.



Font experts expect Times New Roman and Arial to have been completely replaced by the leg hair font by the year 2015.



Mayuko, a student at Tama Art University, decided to create the leg hair font when she heard about a contest to see who could create the most interesting new font using a non-digital design. She got the inspiration for the leg hair font when she was hanging out with a friend that suddenly complained about a pain in her leg. How Mayuko made the leap from that to the idea of a leg hair font is anyone's guess. But that doesn't matter. What does matter is that this font has dramatically improved the lives of billions of people.



Mayuko hasn't yet decided what she's going to do for her next project, although one can only assume she will immediately begin to work on either a hot air balloon made entirely out of pubic bones, or a fully operational 2012 Honda Civic made entirely out of hardened human breast milk.


What other unusual things would you like to make fonts out of? Let us know in the comments!


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