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Japanese Mouse Pads With Boobs

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I can't think of anything anybody would want more for Christmas than these amazing 3-D gel boob mouse pads! I want one!

They're amazing! I read online that they were invented by a Japanese company! Leave it up to the Japanese to rock our worlds with these revolutionary, egronomic and boner enducing devices!

They sell them all over the place online. They look really comfortable, and will probably keep you from getting carpal tunnel snydrome. Or maybe they'll GIVE you carpal tunnel syndrome!

Where has this mouse pad been all my life? I need one immediately! My wrists are killing me.

And if that wasn't enough, they make them for booty men as well.

I wonder how much time you would spend groping your mouse pad every day?

Another Japanese guy is even selling a modified "pillow" sized version of the 3-D boob mouse pads so that dudes can get their 3-D boob life sized jollies on. Way to go super awesome Japanese dude! You saw what men needed and you made it happen! I'd tip my hat to you if I wore one.

It would probably be really comforting to just fall asleep holding on to one of these.

But trust me, no matter how realistic they might seem… pillow or mouse sized… they'll never be quite as good as the real thing.


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