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Japanese Teens are Afraid of Sex?

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Teenagers think about absolutely nothing besides sex, as anyone who's ever seen Porky's or American Pie or that one scene in Boogie Nights is well aware. If you could look into their thoughts, you'd find that all day long it's like "sex sex sex sex dog wearing a hat sex sex sex barack obama? sex sex sex."

soup in a breadbowl
Pictured: sex.

But this way of thinking is eroding in Japan, where Dr. Kunio Kitamura has just released a book entitled "Sekkusugirai na Wakamonotachi" ("Young People Averse to Sex"). In it, he shares some shocking statistics — When asked in 2010, 36.1 percent of males age 16-19 and 58.5 percent of females said they "have a lack of interest or aversion to sex". For the 20-24 year old set, the number of people who gave the thought of sex a thumb down was still up about ten percent from 2008.

crazy japanese store
Is sex about to join subtlety as a relic of Japan's past?

Kitamura's book features interviews from some young people who came into his clinic, and these shed some light onto the drop in interest — namely, many Japanese youths' grueling work schedule and other societal pressures. And by "societal pressures" I mean Final Fantasy. But because it's Japan, some of the reasons are of course, like, crazy f*cked up. Namely, the young men who prefer anime girls or would rather enter a relationship with a Real Doll.

kids poking a real doll
♫Why do dead-eyed birds/ sud-den-ly appear/
every-time/ I place you near?♫


But there are dire consequences if this trend continues. Dr. Kitamura warns "If young people's aversion to sex continues to increase at the present rate, the situation of Japan's low fertility rate and rapid ageing will rapidly worsen. … The Japanese economy will lose its vitality even more than now. If this happens, this nation might eventually perish into extinction." Talk about a Paradigm Shift!

final fantasy screenshot
Shut up you get that I know you play Final Fantasy.

You've heard what Dr. Kitamura thinks. Now what do you think is going on in the minds of these Japanese kids? Let me know on Twitter or leave a comment below!


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