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Japan’s Has Real-Life Pokecenters!

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In Japan, hey don't have Wal-Mart. They don't have shopping malls. They don't have The Gap. No, they only have this: The Pokemon Pokecenter.

pokecenter japan
I don't actually know if they have that other stuff or not. I was just sayin' stuff.

Yes, popping up all over that tiny, weird island are Pokecenters, enormous retail stores that sell tons and tons of Pokemon merchandise. You can get Pokemon jackets, toys, video games, plushies, DS cases, trading cards, candy, and even school supplies!

pokemon center wall

Now, all that is well and good, but what if you're in Japan and need to quickly increase your level? Can you buy a Rare Candy?!

pokemon rare candy
You cannot, because those are fictional.

But if Pokemon is just as big, if not bigger, here in America than it is in Japan, why aren't there any stores here in America?


pokemon center

The thing is, there are a few, two to be precise, but they're both in Seattle, Washington. Turns out, the American-wing of the Pokemon Company, along with Nintendo of America itself, is located in Seattle. So they're not really trying to expand these stores nationwide – they're not really putting any effort into them at all. It seems the only people the Pokemon Company are asking to open Pokecenters are those within earshot.

home improvement tim wilson
"Hello Tim! Any interest in opening a Pokecenter?"

Here's an unreasonably long video of the Pokemon Center. While it's a pretty rad store, but before you watch it, see if you can turn the saturation down on your monitor.

Is this, finally, enough to get you to go to Japan? Or are you a reasonable, level-headed person? Let me know on twitter @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!


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