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This Insane Jeff Goldblum Statue in London Is Both Sexy and Terrifying

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Imagine waking up in your apartment in joly old England, pouring yourself a spot of tea, and going to your window to find a giant Jeff Goldblum staring back at you. And not only that, but imagine if it really turned you on. That was the situation those who live near Potter’s Field in London found themselves in, as a streaming service called NOW TV put up this big ol’ Jeff Goldblum statue depicting his famous shirtless scene from Jurassic Park. As for why NOW TV put up the statue (besides their obvious horniness), the statue is meant to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the dinosaur thriller.

But the Nintendo Gamecube isn’t about to celebrate any major anniversaries, so why does it look like it was rendered on one?

But as much as we all love shirtless Jeff Goldblum, is his shirtless scene really the first thing we think of when our minds drift to Jurassic Park? Furthermore, is shirtless Jeff Goldblum the best thing in Jurassic Park to be turned into a giant statue? Isn’t there something else in Jurassic Park that was already enormous that would’ve more naturally lent itself to becoming a giant statue?

jeff goldblum statue jeep
Yes, I’m talking about the giant yellow jeep they all drove around in.

That said, this is a wonderful tribute to one of the most nonsensical scenes in movie history. If you haven’t watched Jurassic Park in a minute, you might not remember that the scene this Jeff Goldblum statue is based on wasn’t some kind of seduction scene, oh no. The guy had just gotten injured. Like, if you can tear your eyes away from those sensuos Gold-nipples, you’d see his bandaged and bloody leg in the same shot. So after he gets his leg messed up, the guy’s first thought was to get all sexy? Is that a thing all hot guys do — take their shirts off when they get hurt?

jeff goldblum statue sexy dude
This guy’s so sexy he probably just had a shark bite off the rest of his torso.

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