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Jersey Shore is CANCELLED!

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Recently, TV shows have begun to announce their enddates in advance of their final season, as we saw with Lost, House, and this year, Fringe. Networks do this as a way to yes, allow creators time to wrap up any ongoing storylines, but I like to think it's also to show respect to the show and even the medium of television itself.

jersey shore cast
Okay, so I was clearly wrong about the "respect for television" part.

Yes, MTV has just announced that Jersey Shore is going to end after its upcoming sixth season. But even someone as slow as a Jersey Shore fan had to see this coming, though. With Snooki getting pregnant, the show had to evolve in SOME way. You know, shake up the formula, keep it from getting stale. I could see MTV doing Jersey Shore: The College Years.

jersey shore guys
Wait. No. These people should not be allowed around college girls.

The begining of the end of Jersey Shore will come in the form of a retrospective special, entitled "Gym, Tan, Look Back", which is gross. I really hope it consists of these rotten people crying and reminiscing and this time as if it was some important, sentimntal part of their lives.

snooki crying
♫I hope you had the time of your life…♫

But don't worry, you can still find the Jersey Shore kids on TV, just seperate and apart. Pauly D is launching "The Pauly D P{roject" and Snooki and JWoww will continue with their show called "Snooki and JWoww". Oh to be a fly on the wall at the meeting where they named THAT show!

board meeting
"On the issue of the new Snooki and JWoww show, I suggest we spend as little time thinking of a name as possible."
"Yes Yes, I agree with that thing you all just said."


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