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Jim Morrison’s Ghost Haunts Los Angeles Restaurant Bathroom

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So get this, Jim Morrison's ghost is haunting the bathroom of a Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles.



Jim Morrison, the famous frontman for the rock band the Doors died in 1971 in Paris, where he's also buried.



So after his death his spirit comes back from the other side to haunt the bathroom of this little Mexican restaurant? Sounds crazy right? I mean why would a rock star like Jim Morrison haunt a bathroom? Sounds like a gimmick…



But this restaurant just so happens to be in the building that use to be "The Doors Workshop." In the 60's and 70's, the Doors used this building as an office, flop house, rehearsal space, party pad & recording studio…



And the bathroom use to be the old recording booth where Jim Morrison actually recorded the vocals for LA Woman in 1970.



The people who own the restaurant are huge Doors fans. They like to think that the ghost of Jim Morrison came for the haunting, but stays for their delicious margaritas!



The owner tried to have some kind of spiritual cleansing done on the building but it didn't work. Everyone says you can feel Jim's presence in the building. That he's always there. You can hear sounds… footsteps, knocking, sometimes a disembodied voice… shadows… all the usual haunting rigmarole.

Fan comes from around the world to visit the sacred holy shrine.



If only these walls could talk!


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