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Joe Biden Reads All Those Memes You Made, and He Even Has a Favorite

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When I think of meme lords, I imagine doofy 15-year-olds giggling about dat boi, not 74-year-olds who attend foreign leaders’ funerals when the President is too busy. And yet, here we are — in an interview with Moneyish, the former second daughter Ashley Biden revealed that her father, Vice President (at least in our hearts) Joe Biden, has in fact scrolled through /r/bidenbro to take in some dank memes about his friendship with Barack Obama. He even has a favorite:

And I guess that’s an okay meme, but it’s almost sickly sweet. Doesn’t Joe Biden know he’s also a part of the ALL-TIME GREATEST MEME, his depiction in The Onion as a sleeveless jean jacket-wearing drug smuggler burnout with a nose for justice? Picking the Obama friendship meme as his favorite is like being elected Prom King and reminding everyone during the speech that you’re also in the Mathletes. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but there’s another way people see you that is much cooler.

Of course, maybe ol’ Joe leans towards the friendship meme because it’s more truthful. He and the former Commander-in-Chief did have a closer working relationship than a lot of other President/ Vice President combos. Obama and Biden used to have weekly lunches where they’d talk about the issues of the day — compare that to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, whose relationship was so cold they barely made eye contact throughout their eight years of working together; or Bill Clinton and Al Gore, who knew so little about each other they kept sending each others’ Christmas cards to the wrong address; or George H.W. Bush and Dan Quayle, who hated each other so much they kept sending boxes of live bees to each other in boxes marked “NOT BEES”.


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