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John Cena Has Hair Now, and Twitter Is Booing It Out of the Building

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At WWE Super Showdown — the WWE mega-event held in Australia — 16-time World Champion John Cena returned to the ring. And while his appearance was announced long beforehand (we usually don’t expect John Cena), the biggest surprise about the grappler’s return was that he wasn’t sporting his signature buzzcut, but instead a head full of flowing locks parted on one side like all of our best friends’ dads.

john cena haircut

Twitter, of course, could not let John Cena live this down, and they spent the weekend comparing his new hairstyle to other famously bad hairstyles, effectively pronouncing the Doctor of Thuganomics’ new look DOA. Here are our favorites!

Why do you think John Cena grew out his hair? (I think it’s for steel chair-padding — any little bit helps.) At least we hope it isn’t for a movie role