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Juggalos Attack Tila Tequila

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Tila Tequlia was attacked by Insane Clown Posse fans at this weekends 11th anual gathering of the Juggalos.



Tila told E! "I actually was warned by a lot of my fans online, as well as all the Juggalos telling me what they were going to do to me, prior to going, so I contacted my agents and told them my concerns, and my agents contacted the people who run the event, and they swore to us that there'd be a 100 or more security guards and that nothing like that would happen… and that they needed me to go."



Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope were not involved in the melee…


It was their fans…



Not even the more than 100 security guards could keep Tila safe from the hurling bottles, rocks and human feces being being thrown at her by ICP fans. They even tried to set her on fire by throwing firecrackers at her hair. Tila had no idea how to handle the crowd so she did the only thing she knows how to do and took her top off. That's when things really spiraled out of control. It was all captured on video.



As was Tila's reaction…



What is wrong with her? With all that going on, why would you take the stage?


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