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Justin Bieber Knocks Himself Out During Concert

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Well, when he's not 'beating up' paparazzi, looks like Bieber is knocking out another dude who the world wants to see get an ass-kicking…HIMSELF! Yup, Bieber fulfilled a dream that many of us have had at some point in our lives, coldcocking Justin Bieber.  Only he won't get arrested for doing it, just endlessly mocked on the internet. A win/win situation for us all…yes?

bieber paris concert knock out


After running backstage during a surprise Paris concert, Bieber ran straight into a glass wall. Sadly, Nelson Muntz wasn't there to say ' HA HA!'.  But the Biebs persevered, and despite feeling light-headed,  went back on-stage to perform his final crappy song of the night.  Then he passed out, because he had a CONCUSSION!!! I'm pretty sure there are much more nobler things to risk your health for than an encore performance of  "Boyfriend". JUST SAYING! Worst of all, Bieber had to take all the fun out of making fun of him, by making fun of himself first. DAMN YOU BIEBER!

bieber paris concert knock out twitter

Whatever, Biebs! It wasn't so funny when 50 of your dumbass fans were injured while rioting at your secret concert in Norway this week.  Wait..was that funny?  I think it's more of an eyeroll 'I don't wanna live on this planet anymore' than an LOL. All of these girls have brought shame to their families. Bieber is SO 2011! Shouldn't they be humiliating themselves by rioting over One Direction now?

bieber paris concert knock out fan riot oslo


I guess Bieber is still the king of crazy fans. This girl probably thinks she is taking care of him as he recovers from his concussion. Biebs loves him some Yoplait!

bieber paris concert knock out fan fail


Regardless of what you think of Bieber's self-induced concussion and riot-causing, I think we can all agree we have a new hero…GLASS! Which apparently has a serious vendetta against the Biebs! Evidence of said vendetta: 

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