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Justin Bieber’s Tweet Terrorizes Helpless Lil’ Grandmother!

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Justin Bieber recently sent out a tweet reading "call me right now" followed by a nearly complete Texas-area phone number. His account was probably hacked, because that's what happens to twitter accounts nowadays, but I want to believe that Justin Bieber occasionally becomes an agent of chaos, the Joker of pop music. In any event, literally every teen girl in America found that number and called it at once, thinking that they could win his heart with nothing more than the sweet words coming from their braces-addled mouths.


But the calls for Bieber did not go to Bieber. No indeed. They went to the residence of one Dilcie Fleming—a Texas grandmother who, you know, has a lot going on, probably.

"Can you at least stop calling during the Wheel?"

Fleming was so infuriated by the calls that she and another Texas man with a similar phone number have hired a lawyer and are threatening to sue Bieber for causing the chaos. And while an endlessly ringing phone would be annoying, why didn't Fleming take Occom's Razor to the problem? “Someone, I don’t know who it was, said have your number changed." Seems reasonable. "I said I’ve had this number since 1966,” she continued. And if you're wondering why she had to change her phone number in 1966—

The Monkees hatred of arbitrary Texas citizens was well-documented.

Fleming is asking for an apology from Bieber and concert tickets for her great granddaughter, but their lawyer has said that they aren't taking the option to sue for monetary compensation off the table. Since that doesn't solve the problem of teen girls constantly calling her phone, Fleming is saying that she can handle being annoyed if she gets something out of it. And it just reeks of entitlement. Look, sometimes Justin Bieber will tweet a phone number and you'll be on the receiving end. It sucks, but you have no control over it. Some people in America seem to unable to handle an unfortunate twist of luck without demanding compensation.

"There had better be an ice cream cone at the end of this or I will sue everyone."

And what would this monetary compensation cover? Is she a freelance graphic designer losing out on billable hours? Dilcie Fleming needs to change her phone number, call her friends—every one of them since 1966—and tell them the new one. Also catch up with them and have a wonderful time. She might not get another chance to do so before she dies. And I know that seems like an "old ladies should call their friends often because they're all about to die" thing, but it's not. It's an "anything can happen to any one of us at any time so waste the precious little time we have on being angry at Justin Bieber?" kind of thing.

Hey, Internet? You paying attention?

Do you think Dilcie Fleming deserves some dough from Justin Bieber to be compensated her for this hardship? Let us know in the comments!


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