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Justin Timberlake and Lady GaGa Kill It On SNL!

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Did you see Saturday Night Live this weekend? It was the season finali and they rocked it! Justin Timberlake was the host and Lady Gaga was the musical guest. If you missed it, you're in luck, because I'm gonna show you the best of what you missed… if you already saw it, you're in luck because you get to see it again and share it with your friends who missed it.

I love when Timberlake hosts because he's hot and because he's usually the musical guest when he's hosting the show… but this time Gaga was the musical guest so Justin wasn't scheduled to sing, which is a bummer. The Tims totally delivered the goods by turning his opening monologue into a musical number complete with his super sexy falsetto voice, and flirted with girls in the audience who laughed and giggled.


Justin Timberlake Won't Sing

Then we got a little more singing in his first sketch where he plays a crazy street marketer/performer in a beer-bottle costume belting out booze-friendly versions of popular pop hits. The dances he did in that costume were hilarious. He must have had literally stood in front of a mirror and practiced dancing in that thing for hours becuase his dance moves were hilarious. Gaga showed up at the end of the sketch in a costume that actually looked like something she might wear on stage…


Then Gaga & Timberlake wrapped things up with a little "Endless Love," only they changed it to "Endless Buzz." The words to the song were weird and they looked nuts in those costumes but… "No one can deny – This hooch I have inisde. My endless buzz." One of those sketches that left you laughing and wondering what the hell you had just witnessed.

That's when they cut to the digital short we had all been waiting for… Justin Timberlake & Andy Samberg got a lot a bit funky with their latest tune…


Three Way (The Golden Rule)

The boys finish up with each other's mom's and head over to Gaga's house clutching bottles of Alize and Bartles & Jaymes for a little three way action and learn a valuable and hilarious lesson. Gaga is pretty funny in this video as well. Another hilarious song that we will be sining all summer long.


What's That Name

The celebrity edition of "What's That Name" is also pretty solid. Justin Timberlake can't remember the names of the girl he slept with earlier in the week and his former NSYNC band member Chris Kirkpatric. Taran Killiam looked ridiculous as Kirkpatrick. They should really put the band back together.

And then Gaga went nuts…


Lady Gaga's Born This Way

Her first musical number was fine, she played piano and did the usual Gaga schtick… but her second number was "Born This Way" where she hatched from an egg, danced around with some sexually ambiguous (and some not so ambiguous) dancers disappeared for a few seconds only to reemerge with a huge pregnant black rubber belly with what looked like a front door knocker hanging from her bellybutton. The weirdest/creepiest/most disturbing thing I have personally seen her do. What a freak she is! But this is the kind of stuff that gets you ratings and I give her that. It was so bizarre! She kept rubbing her creepy baby belly with her creepy hands and then gave birth to some juice or something. I have no idea but since I had to see it… you have to see it…


Barry Gibb Talk Show

The show ended with a cameo appearance from Jimmy Fallon in the Barry Gibb talk show. I love this sketch. I could watch them singing in those crazy Gibb voices and doing that stupid Gibb dance for hours. It brings me endless joy. Barry Gibb/Fallon's chest hair deserves an Emmy. Barry has his usual freak out, only this time he has a heart attack and dies only to come back to life seconds later declaring, "I survived the Rapture!"

Hey, come to think of it… we all did.

What were your favorite moments from the SNL season finali?

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