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Justin Timberlake Buys Myspace???

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Wait… wasn’t MySpace declared dead ages ago?


Well, it turns out MySpace is like the Jason Voorhees of social networking…it just will not die. News was just released that a group of investors has purchased the company, a group that includes Justin Timberlake. Whaaaaat? I guess playing Napster founder Sean Parker in a movie made him feel all internet mogul-y.


"There's a need for a place where fans can go to interact with their favorite entertainers, listen to music, watch videos, share and discover cool stuff and just connect," the Grammy-winning star said in a statement. "MySpace has the potential to be that place.”

I'm pretty sure MySpace had it’s shot at being that place. Until it became the social network for bands that suck, porn, spam and porn spam. Oh, yeah, and sexy girls. And I don’t think anyone wants to bring this sexy back:


Considering it was sold for 580 million dollars just 6 years ago, I guess the 35 million dollar pricetag was just too much of a bargain to pass up. But is anyone really going to be interested in jumping back on the MySpace bandwagon? It just gives me a headache to think of looking at all those pimped layouts. I mean, even MySpace Tom has a Facebook account now. 


Timberlake’s manager, Johnny Wright, insists that Justin will be playing an active role in creating the ‘new and improved’ MySpace. "This is not a vanity ownership. He wants to make it relevant in a big way." I guess if anyone can help out the flailing company, it would be someone like Timberlake. He’s a huge star and seems to be into the whole digital media thing. Plus he’s super funny on SNL. So there's that.

But hey, he’s made questionable judgment calls before.

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:


But Timberlake seems determined to make MySpace relevant again by taking it back to it’s music-centric roots: A place for up-and-comers and established artists to showcase their material and attract new fans. I say go for it. He's got the money to blow and I know of at least one person who still cares about MySpace:


But does anyone else?

What do you think? Is Justin just wasting his time with MySpace when he should be making more funny videos with The Lonely Island? Would you ever consider giving MySpace another shot? Let’s discuss in the comments!


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