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Katy Perry Songs We Can Expect To See In The Near Future

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Katy Perry sings about a specific set of things. Pretty much every song she writes and performs falls into one of a very select pile of categories. Basically those categories are either sex, thinking about sex, or how cool it would be to be having sex. And they only get more blunt. Since Perry will have to continually top herself here are some songs you should expect to come out by her in the near future:


Lick Lick Lick My Lollipop (And By Lollipop I Am Of Course Referring To Your P—s)


The parenthetical was added by Perry after she expressed concerns to her manager that the title of the song wasn't clear enough.


I Like It When I Am Having Sex With A Person (Having Sex Remix)


The "Having Sex" remix of this song is different from the regular version in that if you play the "Having Sex Remix" version Katy Perryactually  kicks her way through your window leaps into your room and has sex with you whether you want her to or not.


Places I Do It


This is the only 94 minute song on the album.


If You See Me Around Town And I'm Not Having Sex, Then It's Not Me (Ft. Justin Bieber)


Oddly, this track is actually about how much Katy Perry approves of the newly redesigned FDA food pyramid.


Yo Ladiez! Tha Anthem.


This song is just several hours of badly recorded grunting and snorting sounds.


So This Is What Love Feels Like


This song is about having sex in a taxi cab that had a weird smell to it.


Arizona Gurls (feat. Snoop Dogg)


The big difference between this song and its precursor song "California Gurls" is that instead of the chorus being "California Girls/ We're Unforgettable/ Daisy Dukes/ Bikinis On Top" the new song's chorus is mostly about how Arizona Gurls support harsh restrictions on immigration.


What are some other future Katy Perry songs? Let us know in the comments!


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