Katy Perry and Taylor Swift: What They Can Do Now That They’re Friends

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Oh my god you guys, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are

friends again! Or at least their feud, which was sparked by dancer stealing and other issues we’ll never be able to empathize with has officially ended. So we’re calling them friends. Now that they’ve been reunited by a literal olive branch, get ready to coo in adoration of everything the Tayty/Kaylor/Pwift/Swerry friendship will allow them to do!

Throw extremely important parties at the exact same time


Katy and Tay-Tay were not on great terms for a while, so did they have each others’ calendars in mind when planning their parties? No, no they did not. Turns out, they’re both throwing parties at the same time and have invited all of the same people. Neither of them can change the date of their party because they have busy schedules and everything’s already set and they just can’t, okay?! Either Katy or Taylor is going to have a party with zero attendees. Will this start the rivalry all over again?! Not possible. They’re both rooting for each other, and are even telling everyone to go to the other’s party instead of theirs. It’s driving their party guests insane.

Compete as a team in a dangerous, hyper-competitive game show


Is it The Amazing Race? Is it The Amazing Race: Traps From Indiana Jones Edition? Doesn’t matter, because whatever you throw at the dynamic duo of Katy and Taylor, they will defeat it. Their bond overcomes high pressure situations and even death. And should they falter unexpectedly and find themselves losing the game or anywhere near death, they will never get mad or leave the other behind. They’ll die together like truest of true friends they now are again.

Go to Disneyland on the hottest, busiest day of the year

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It’s the “happiest place on earth”, so of course Katy and Taylor have to go to Disneyland and celebrate! But what do you know, the lines are outrageous and not even K + T stardom can speed them up because it’s Barack Obama’s birthday and he’s been given first dibs on every ride! Katy and Taylor are not getting the ideal Disneyland experience, but dangit, their friendship is so strong that they’re just happy to be in each other’s presence. Also the heat’s at a record high and all the characters’ costumes have melted into their hosts’ bodies.

Borrow each other’s most irreplaceable possessions and break them

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Katy and Taylor may as well be Jasmine and Aladdin, because they trust each other like crazy and, just like that scene in Aladdin, would jump together out of a building. This soaring level of trust also means that K-dog would let T-Town borrow her most prized possession, one that’s been passed down for generations in her family. And Taylor would do the same! What could these prized possessions be? A necklace? A watch? A tooth? Doesn’t matter, because either Taylor or Katy will let the other borrow it and now it’s broken. But neither of them are mad — they’re understanding and grateful that the other has been listening to them talk about how they don’t want to be too materialistic and then put that want into action.

Pet-sit for the other and accidentally murder their fur-baby

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These are musical powerhouses that have rekindled their friendship, people. Sometimes they’re going to have to leave each other and go on tour. Luckily, when Katy hits the musical road, she can count on T-Swift to take care of her pets and when Taylor trots the concert trail, KP will be there to watch over her animal babes. Unfortunately, pet-sitting doesn’t always go as planned, and that pet might not stay alive. What toll does this dark trauma take on the friendship? None. The only thing Katy and Taylor need in their lives is each other.

Swap bodies

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The ultimate test of any relationship: Katy and Taylor wake up to find they’re in each other’s bodies… and on the day of both of their most highly-publicized concerts! What do they do? Are they freaking out, determined to find out how to switch back? Or are they cursing each other for watching Freaky Friday the night before and cackling at the movie’s preposterous plot? They wouldn’t dream of it — these icons of friendship get out there and perform each other’s concerts as scheduled because they support each other so much. They even know each others’ performances by heart and are fooling everyone into thinking they’re exactly who they appear to be. This bond is unbreakable and also who’s to say this hasn’t happened already?

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