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Here’s How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution Year Round

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Keeping resolutions can be hard. It might seem like a challenge to lose weight/be a better person/quit spitting on strangers/get famous, but your New Year’s resolutions can be kept year-round. Here are some ways you can make sure you’ll keep your eye on the prize beyond January 2nd.

Make Your Resolution Specific

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If your resolution is too broad, it might be hard to execute. Like, if you’re resolving to “be awesome” in 2017, you have to define how you’re going to be awesome. Are you going to rock awesome hair? Are you going to throw awesome parties? You can be awesome. You just gotta lay it out.

Break Your Resolution Down into Smaller Targets

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When your resolution is too big, it could seem overwhelming. And when it’s overwhelming, it’s hard to get done. So by breaking down your resolution into smaller, easier bite-sized resolutions, you’ll be more likely to get ‘er done. Imagine your goal is a cake. Instead of shoving the whole thing in your mouth, if you cut it into slices, pretty soon you’ll have eaten a whole cake by yourself. (Although, hopefully your resolution isn’t to eat a whole cake by yourself.)

Have Someone Keep You Accountable

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The buddy system isn’t just for walking to the bathrooms on scouting trips anymore! Having a friend to keep you in check can help you make sure you don’t abandon your goals by Martin Luther King Day. You’ll have someone motivate you, like your own personal Harvard crew captain. But less intense. Stroke! Stroke!

Celebrate Your Victories

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When you accomplish your resolution, or even just one of your bite-sized resolutions, give yourself a pat on the back. You did it. You deserve to be proud of yourself. It wouldn’t be too tacky to throw yourself a party. Even a Kardashian-sized blow out wouldn’t be too much.

Keep At it Even When You Don’t Keep It

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If you don’t keep your 2017 resolution for all 365 days of the year, don’t sweat it. If you drop it for one day, pick it up the next. It’s all about the big picture. And how you’re doing overall matters more than how you’re doing one day. Nobody is perfect 24/7 (except celebrities, who poop gold).

Be Patient

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You’re probably not going to achieve your resolution on January 2nd, so give it time (it might even take until January 9th). With a little patience and persistence, you’ll accomplish your goals and January 1st of 2018 is going to be as awesome as you are.

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