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Kendall and Kylie Jenner Probably Don’t Want You To See Their Ancient Taylor Swift Lip-Syncing Video

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Before Kendall and Kylie Jenner were among the most followed celebrities on Instagram with rapper boyfriends and huge modeling contracts, they were two pre-teens forced onto their family’s reality show. That means that, though it was only for a short amount of time, they were once normal girls doing normal girl things. That also means they did some normal girl embarrassing things. Today we take a trip down pre-Keeping Up with the Kardashians lane to visit a home video that has surfaced. It shows the Jenner sisters lip syncing in a home video to the Taylor Swift song “Better Than Revenge”. Oh my giddy aunt, this is not something they want their cool A-list friends to see…

This is the kind of thing you’re supposed to do with your friends growing up — make silly home videos that you’re too innocent to realize will seem corny and humiliating when you’re older. It’s refreshing to see the Jenner sisters be this goofy… and to see how much plastic surgery Kylie Jenner went through to look like a real-life Bratz doll. She literally went to the Face Store and got a new face.

But should we be so harsh on the Jenners for this video? On one hand, we all did something this vain as kids at some point. And we certainly can’t blame them for their upbringing. On the other hand, with those dramatic slow-mo and fast-forward shots, Kendall and Kylie definitely hired a professional editor for this. And we’re guess that Rob Kardashian didn’t shoot it. So yes, we can be this harsh on them. This video looks like a deleted scene from one of Regina George’s home videos from Mean Girls, and that’s not what a normal kid’s dumb home videos are supposed to look like. They’re supposed to look like this



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