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Kim Kardashian Named MOST Annoying Celebrity!

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Kim Kardashian has had some week!  First, she joined the ranks of President Barack Obama and Justin Bieber by reaching ten million followers on Twitter. I'm pretty sure 90% of the followers are haters who love to hate and comedians who like to RT her most inane musings, but still! I mean hello? Apparently even God is following her!


But it hasn't all been good news this week for the newlywed Mrs. Humphries. Parade Magazine released the results of their 2011 Culture Poll (!) this week and Kim was voted the most annoying celebrity! WHA??? She must feel like America has taken a leak all over her! But NOT in a good way!


Being named the most annoying celebrity is quite a feat, considering how many annoying celebrities there are. She beat Snooki! SNOOKI! I guess Snooki can at least be mildly amusing sometimes and you get the sense that she knows she's a little dumb and trashy. Whereas Kim K. thinks she's the American Kate Middleton, or something really, really wrong like that.


The 'most annoying celeb list' was rounded out with other perennially hated celebs, such as Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan and Donald Trump. But don't be too upset about your dubious 'honor,' Kim! Considering the family you come from, being singled-out as most annoying should feel like quite an accomplishment!


But Kim better watch out! Cause it looks like a dark-horse Kardashian is also looking to gain a little notoriety by displaying his own ample body parts! Brother Rob revealed this week on Dancing With The 'Stars' that he feels insecure about his moobs. I felt bad for him for about two seconds, and then he went back to his instinctual d!ck ways…Kardashian Krisis of Konscience averted! Ha ha! Moobs!


Do you agree with the poll? If not, who do you think is the most annoying celebrity? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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