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Kim Kardashian’s Rejected Publicity Stunts

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Kim Kardashian clamors for attention the way a hungry lizard might clamor for the fecund scent of freshly laid eggs to feast upon! And with her ratings sagging, she has made many suggestions to the network about how to boost their viewership. Some of the things she has suggested, though, have been so egregious that even E! Entertainment television has had to turn her down. Here are some of her ideas to increase ratings that E! has said no to:


What Won't I Eat?

Kim's suggestion of having a "Fear Factor" like segment on the show where she had to eat strange things sounded OK to the network at first, until they heard what she was planning on having to eat.


New Sex Tape

Kim's first sex tape was pretty wild, and her plan to outdo it had network executives shaking their heads in horror.


Hitting A Pigeon With A Tennis Racket

After four meandering nonsensical hours of explanation at a network meeting about how this would boost ratings, it became clear to everyone in the room that Kim had always just wanted to hit a pigeon with a tennis racket.


New Friends

Adding people to a show always boosts ratings so E! was initially excited about this suggestion, until they saw who Kim had in mind.



Kim swore the dragons were house broken and tamed. THEY WERE NEITHER.


Scarecrow's Fear Dust From "Batman Begins"

After Kim saw Batman Begins she thought it would be a good idea issue a public statement saying that anyone who did not watch her show would be infected with The Scarecrow's fear dust, thereby trapping them inside their own worst nightmares. When E! told her that not only would they not issue threatening public statements, but also that The Scarecrow's fear dust isn't a real thing, she is reported to have stuck out her lower lip and pouted.

What other publicity stunts has Kim suggested to increase ratings? Let us know in the comments!

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