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The King of YouTube

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I introduce to you YouTube’s newest sensation, Blanket Jackson. You may remember Blanket Jackson as the infant being dangled out of a window by his King of Pop father, Michael Jackson (RIP, MJ).

Somehow, someway, someone got hold of a bunch of iChat videos of Blanket Jackson and posted them — where else? — on YouTube. He discusses comic book characters, sings a song from Monsters, Inc., and details his thoughts on Star Wars, among other 8-year-old things.

He actually seems fairly normal and well-adjusted despite his early balcony-dangling experience. Wearing masks in public is considered normal, right?

I also really like his hair. Watch out YouTube. Blanket is here!

Blanket on Art

Blanket on Star Wars

Blanket on the Comic Book Character, Abomination

Blanket Sings About Monsters, Inc.

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