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Kristen Stewart Calls Out Her Critics, Completely Misses Point

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Speaking this week with Vanity Fair, Kristen Stewart went off on her critics. "I have been criticized a lot for not looking perfect in every photograph," Stewart said. "If I took perfect pictures all the time, the people standing in the room with me, or on the carpet, would think, What an actress! What a faker!"

stewart on set
Her job title is literally "actress".

Here's the thing. "Not looking perfect in every photograph" is not what Kristen Stewart is criticized for. Obviously no one should be criticized for how good or bad they look at any given time, but she's criticized for her demeanor. Kristen Stewart always seems sleepy; uninterested in whatever she's doing. Kristen Stewart, did you know that the elements you're made of were forged in a star? That when that star exploded, when it gave its life, it began a wondrous, complex chain of events that would someday form the beautiful amalgam of the universe that would one day become you? But yeah, go ahead and be bored at a movie premiere.

bored Kristen stewart
It's not like you're a cosmological miracle or anything.

But Stewart wasn't done there. She went on to say "What matters to me is that the people in the room leave and say, 'She was cool. She had a good time. She was honest.' I don’t care about the voracious, starving sh*t eaters who want to turn truth into sh*t."

child labor factory
Most sh*t eaters don't even think about the conditions of the places where truth gets turned into sh*t.

First, saying both "voracious" and "starving" is redundant. Second, truth isn't the only value we need to strive towards. In fact, too much truth is incredibly detrimental to society. Have you ever been to a party and met I'm-Just-Being-Honest Guy? People hate I'm-Just-Being-Honest Guy because he's only using honesty as a way to justify saying aloud whatever cruel thing pops into his brain.

being honest guy
"What? Your face looks like it was attacked by a monkey. I'm just being honest."

I think that what Kristen Stewart is getting at is that she doesn't want to smile for people on red carpets, that she doesn't want to be jovial on The Tonight Show. She wants to be herself and practice her craft. Furthermore, she takes offense when someone calls her out for looking uninterested in the PR aspect of being an actress—something she is admittedly uninterested in. But that's part of the job Kristen Stewart. If you work at a bakery because you love to decorate cakes, you still have to work the counter and sell bread to racist old people.

bakery customer
"Ma'am, the white bread is no more superior than any of the other breads."

When you have a job, you sometimes have to do things you don't love. But you do them and learn to appreciate the parts of the job you do enjoy. It's not the best move to call the people who cause you to do those undesirable things sh*t eaters.

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