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Is Kylie Jenner *Actually* Pregnant? Twitter Is Trying to Figure It Out

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Kardashians single-handedly keep all gossip publications afloat. The latest K-drama (teeeeeheeeeee) revolves around our youngest little Dasher-Jenner, Kylie. Netizens say she’s preggers, but there’s been no definitive word from King Kylie’s infamous lips.

On the side of Kylie’s pregosaurus rex, we have images of her wearing baggy clothes, a departure from her usual form-fitting attire.

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On the side of Kylie not being pregnant and momager Kris just messing with us for funsies, we have a recent Snap of Kylie purchasing *brace yourselves male readers* tampons.

So which is it?! To get to the bottom of this ongoing saga of is-she or isn’t-she with child, we turn to Twitter. Twitter users are confused, concerned, curious, catty, and downright *googling “word that starts with c that means really invested in a topic to the point of obsession and it’s fun for me, Andi Hester, to watch it all play out”*.

1. So… answer the question.

2. Photographic evidence? Photoshopped evidence?

3. Never related so much to a tweet.

4. Playtex or playground? Which is it, Kylie?!

5. Mama loves a good conspiracy theory.

6. Seriously, just tell us.

7. Leave it to Perez to throw some extra drama sauce into the mix.

8. Maybe the Commander-in-Chief has some intel?

9. Kris!! Give us the scoop you publicity evil genius.

10. InStyle thinks she’s pregnant. That was bold.

11. C’mon Kylie, for the sake of your business tell us the truth!

12. We’re inventing our own cute pregnancy moments because you won’t share any!

13. More conspiracy! Mama like!

14. For the past month, this is us.

15. Lol. I love Internets.

16. Mother what. I’m shook. I’m dead. I’m twerk. I’m fleek. Whatever the kids are saying these days.

17. In the meantime, I guess this is all we can do…

Do YOU think Kylie is pregnant? Do you NOT CARE yet you read this whole article and have a strong opinion on the matter? Let me know on Twitter @AndiHester!