Kylie Jenner Apparently Just Tried Cereal With Milk for the First Time and Twitter Is SHOOK

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If you think Keeping up with the Kardashians is hard, try keeping up with BREAKFAST… if you’re Kylie Jenner, that is. Kylie took to Twitter yesterday to inform fans that she had JUST — at the age of 21 — tried cereal with milk for the first time.

Um… what? How is that even possible? Was milk banned from the Kar-Jenner house? Possibly. Was cereal banned from the Kar-Jenner house? Likely. Does Kris Jenner have a phobia of cartoon animals? AHA! Now we’re getting somewhere… Or are we?

Okay, so we can rule out BOTH cereal AND milk being outright banned from Kylie’s childhood. Which, in our opinion, means it MUST have been because of Kris Jenner’s phobia of any cartoon animal that has its own catchphrase and is associated with cardboard boxes. Whether we’re right or wrong in our theory, we’re not the only ones who have some thoughts about this…

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