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Lady Gaga Falls On Her Ass! [Video]

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Lady Gaga wears some crazy outfits and especially some crazy a$$ shoes and when you wear crazy a$$ shoes…

You are gonna take a crazy a$$ fall… it's just going to happen sometimes. There's literally nothing you can do about it. And Lady Gaga does… fall… ALOT!

Her latest spill was on stage in Houston the other night. She's standing with one foot on her piano and the other on the piano bench when the bench flips out from under her, sending her flying under the piano landing on her ass and rolling onto her back.

Houston, Lady Gaga has a problem!

Perez Hilton writes, "Poor Lady GaGa had one hell of a fall during her performance of You and I at Houston's Monster Ball last night, but just like the trooper that she is, she not only got right up and continued the performance, but she didn't even STOP singing while she fell!"

He's totally right… you can say what you want about Lady Gaga but this b*tch falls flat on her back and doesn't miss a note! She actually sounds great!

Moment's later she's back on her feet and finishing the number with flames flying off her piano! Check out the video…

I don't own any Lady Gaga CD's or anything but I'm pretty impressed after watching this.

What do you think about Lady Gaga falling? Is it funny? Does it make you laugh? Are you impressed at how she doesn't miss a note? Are you a fan? Let's discuss below!

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