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Lady Gaga Smokes "A Lot of Pot"

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I don't know if you saw it on Sunday night, but before the Grammy's, Lady Gaga was on 60 Minutes. She "revealed" some less than shocking private details about her creative process for Anderson Cooper and the boring old people of the 60 Minutes audience.

"I smoke a lot of pot when I write music," she told Anderson. "I'm not gonna, like, sugar coat it for 60 Minutes that, you know, I'm some, like, sober human being, 'cause I'm not. I drink a lot of whiskey and I smoke weed when I write."

Really? No sh*t Sherlock.

I think we all suspected some kind of drug use with those crazy outfits and getups she wears all the time. Not to mention she's confessed to using cocaine in the past, so why not pot? Compared to coke, pot is pretty mild.

Gaga was too drunk to walk on her own in this pic.

I mean just look at her? How many kinds of stoned do you have to be to go outside in outfits like this?

And being high could explain her falling down at the airport that time, or maybe it was those stupid shoes that only a high person would wear.

Now the Grammy egg makes perfect sense. She was probably high when she thought of that crazy egg thing… she got high and then she got hungry and had the munchies and thought, "Man I sure would loves me some eggs right now, like a whole dozen. NO, WAIT, I'd love one giant egg, like the size of a human, bigger than me! I'd eat the sh*t out of that mother! I'd fry it up with some bacon and some toast. Yummers! Wait guys, I like totally have a GENIUS idea for the Grammy's!"

Then she got high and watched some old videos of Madonna's Blond Ambition Tour and was all, like…

"Guys! Best idea ever! I'm totally gonna so do me some Blond Ambition type sh*t at the Grammy's this year man. That is gonna friggin' rock. I'll like put my hair in one of them big ass pony tails and wear all gold. Instead of making my boobies all pointy, I'll make my forehead pointy! Hellsyeah!"

The singer celebrated her double Grammy win with a few cocktails and admits that she doesn't remember much about the night. She confessed to Jay Leno “I don’t remember very much, I know it was fun, I do remember being called drunky Gaga at some point.” Personally I prefer Lady Ganja.

It's nothing but class with this broad.

So what do you think of Lady Gaga's drinkin', smokin' & snortin' ways? Is it cool for someone who is a role model like her to be out in the public doing drugs and telling her impressionable young fans about it? Or do you respect her honesty?

Let us know what YOU think in the comments below.

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