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‘Lamborghini Batman’ Turns Out To Be Real-Life Hero

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Remember in The Dark Knight, when Bruce Wayne had to justify to Alfred how one man could beat the mob, and he said he wanted to become a symbol for good? So that the citizens of Gotham could look at him and see that there was one man willing to do what was right, no matter the cost? It's an inspiring idea, but what it lead to in that film was a bunch of fat guys fighting Scarecrow in hockey pads. Batman hates hockey pads.

More of a baseball guy.

But here in the real world, one man knew exactly what Bruce Wayne was talking about—Lenny B. Robinson of Baltimore County, Maryland has taken up the cape and cowl. You might remember him as the Batman who was pulled over recently for not having plates on his Lamborghini.

It's being called his quote unquote "Batmobile" by many quote unquote "news outlets".

So why has Robinson spent so much time and money on putting together an amazing Batman costume? As it turns out, Robinson goes to visit sick children in the hospital when he's out in his costume. He wears it on the way there and drives the cool-looking car so that it's easy for kids to believe he really is Batman. The guy even checks into the hospital as "Batman". He really commits to the role because he knows that will make it easier for kids to believe. And much like Bruce Wayne when deciding to save Rachel instead of Harvey Dent, Robinson is also paying a terrible cost for being a hero. He endures the awkward glances and derisive laughter of anyone in the town over the age of twelve.

But Batman being pulled over for not having incorrect license plates is a funny story. Batman visiting sick kids in the hospital, on the other hand, is heart-warming. Maybe as his story becomes better known, Robinson will face less condescension, because he is the hero those kids deserve. But is he also be the one they need right now? Wait. Can you be both the hero someone needs and the hero someone deserves? Are those mutually exclusive? How did that whole situation work again? Did Gotham need Batman or deserve Batman? God damn that line was obtuse.

I got into this for mobster face-punching, not philosophical quandaries.

Let's be honest, Robinson is doing a special thing that not a lot of people could do. I know if I tried to dress up in costume and go visit sick kids, I'd screw it up. First of all, I'm way too excited about the Dark Knight Rises to dress up as anyone but Bane, and second, I would absolutely say the wrong thing.

"When you are feeling better, and are strong enough to go home to your mommy and daddy…"

"You have my permission to die."

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