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Lark Week! When Larks Attack!

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The Discovery Channel has Shark Week but it's just soooo boring. We're more excited about our own event: Lark Week! The vicious lark is dangerous both in the sky and on land. It can strike at any moment and its powerful jaws can tear a man to shreds in mere seconds. Beware the mighty Lark!


Notice the vicious teeth of this killer lark. They are dangeorus predators.


This photographer is dangerously close to this killer lark.


Obviously a hammerhead lark.


You can see larks at the aviary, but don't get too close!


Larks can attack at any time… anywhere!


Lark attacks an 18th century whaler whose only defense is the harpoon!


Your best option is to run for your life!


Larks love to eat delicious sea lions.


But they're just as happy to bring home fresh human meat to their nest!


Even this lark cage won't protect you from the killer lark!


Oh my God! Look out kayak dude!


Many a surfer has lost a board to a killer lark.


The mighty lark has clearly earned its murderous reputation!


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