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The Lawn Gnome: Everyone’s Favorite Garden Kitsch

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Garden Gnomes! Tacky, ugly, stupid, favorite garden kitsch of old and mentally ill… perfect for stealing and taking on long road trips… Well, guess what… they're making a comeback!

In a recent survey by Ronseal, a woodcare manufacturer, gnomes surpassed other unfashionable garden items 5 to 1. With 53 percent of the people interviewed ranked the "lawn" or "garden" gnome as their favorite lawn ornament. They weren't always so popular… So why the big comeback?

Who knows, but we found some interesting facts everyone's favorite garden ornament!


1. Gnome Trivia

What’s more impressive than being the top Gnome scholar in your school’s district. Answer: Everything. Though, according to the Coronation Street Garden Gnome Competition, that would be quite the contrary. Based off of the popular long-running British TV program, the Coronation Street-ers (or also adorably known as ‘Corries’) celebrate all things C Street and Gnome related in their own interactive blog domain. Every now and again they hold Gnome trivia contests where you guessed it, plastic garden gnomes are awarded to the “lucky” winners, among other treats.


2. Gnome News

Every now and again, they sprout up unexpectedly amidst the legitimate news stories of wars, burglaries and standard crime. Random stories of gnomes being found on hiking trails, separated from their owners and scattered about like they walked there themselves. Coverage of gnomes appearing in different corners of the world unexpectedly. The simple case of expensive journalism space being reserved for these domesticated woodland creatures is fantastical in and of itself, but the fact that the stories themselves are pretty ridiculous, just makes it worse.


3. Gnome Newborns

It’s very difficult to put an infant in a costume and have it not be the cutest thing ever. Gnome costumes are no different, once more their fake felt-like white beard that comes standard with the get-up just makes it even more adorable. Upon seeing it, you can’t help but smile and erupt into “You’re a baby, how’d you grow that beard in time? You don’t belong with a beard, baby; what do you think you’re doing?” This same exclamation pairs well with a baby Santa costume, google it – see what I’m talking about? A-dorable.


4. Noam Chomsky

This Noam is an intellectual. He's a political activist who has earned a name for himself criticizing the foreign policy of the US and other governments. You might not want to take this guy on a road trip, but he'd look great on your front lawn.


5. Gnoming To A Theater Near You

Yes, I know this post is filled with excruciating gnome puns, but the absolute worst is yet to come. Gnomeo and Juliet (that’s right – a real title I did not just make up) is a CGI animated film from Touchstone set to come to a theater near you. The story allegedly follows a group of garden gnomes who (much like Toy Story) “come alive” once humans turn a blind eye. A forbidden love trickles to the surface, tears the gnome community apart, etc etc. Unleash the gags, the pop culture references, and everything else you can expect from an animated film in the year 2010.


6. Traveling Gnome

You can thank the critically acclaimed foreign film Amelie for making garden gnomes poetic creatures of the night. The Traveling Gnome Prank is when you steal someone's garden gnome, take it with you on a trip, and photograph the gnome in exotic locations. Sometimes the thieves will send postcards or letters describing the gnomes adventures. The gnome is then returned, along with a collection of photos of his adventure. This prank has been around since the 80's, but really took off when it was included in the 2001's Amélie. The traveling Gnome prank became so well known that Travelocity used a gnome in a series of ads, and made a gnome their mascot. There even a traveling gnome achievement in Half-life and Left 4 Dead 2.


What's your favorite lawn ornament? Would you ever steal a gnome?


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