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The Least Appropriate Times for a Guitar Solo

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Music is SUPPOSED to be a collaborative art form, but then, ususally when you're JUST starting to get into the song, the insecure lead guitar player will remind you that they exist and that they're very, VERY skilled. I'd argue that there is NEVER a good time for a guitar solo, as the only person who likes a guitar solo is the guitar player himself, but here are some times when a guitar solo is ABSOLUTELY innaporopriate:


After the last chorus

guitar solo onstage


When that last chorus hits, it is time for the song to be over. if it goes past it with a guitar solo, the person taking in that music is either going to skip that song if they're listening at home or start booing if they're at a concert. And either option is going to make them feel bad. Musicians who play solos after the last chorus do to their fans the most horrible thing anyone can do—corrupt them in such a way that they become the villains in their own stories.


While touring a slaughterhouse

guitar solo in front of cows


Animals are DYING, lead guitarist. Show some RESPECT.


At a spelling bee right after a kid spells a word wrong

spelling bee guitar


I'm sure already feel bad enough.


Just after Starbucks tells you they ran out of syrup for blended drinks on a hot day

guitar solo starbucks


I know some guitar players can't get their emotions out any way besides soloin', but there's still nothing you can do about this. The only answer here is to get an iced coffee and address a problem you CAN solve.


When Rue dies in Hunger Games

guitar solo parking ticket


Never before has the dynamic between lead singer and guitarist been so starkly drawn. You're only pissing District 11 off, guitarist.


While getting a traffic ticket

guitar solo hunger games rue


This is not a COOL situation! Tickets are like seventy bucks, man! This is the time to be ANGRY, not RADICAL.


While your opponent accepts their party's nomination for President of the United States

obama speech romney plays guitar


This is not going to play well with Ohio swing voters.


Which guitar solo was the least appropriate? Let me know on Twitter at @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!


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