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Life-Hacks That Will Make You Awesome

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With age come wisdom and experience (and sometimes a bad back and hair loss)…

I would like to take this opportunity to share a few things that I wish I had known back when I was 20. Maybe I can help someone out there with the things handy hacks to life.


There Are Other Fish In The Sea

I know that he/she seems like your soul-mate and that you will never find another. I am here to say that you will have other, BETTER relationships in the future. Plus the craziness/drama factor diminishes greatly as the years pass. You will always live to love agai(at least that is what Cher, Alanis Morissette, Fiona Apple, Dido and Pink have taught me).

O.K. maybe not this guy.


Work Hard And You Will Receive Rewards

If you work hard when you are younger you will be marketable as you get older. It is nice to have the funds necessary to buy what you want when you want. Want to buy that new Xbox system, no problem. Did your computer just crash and you need a new one, Best Buy is just a few miles away.

Want to buy a fully lined leather and sable wizards cloak some day? Get workin', son!


Friends May Come And Go, But Family Is Forever (Whether You Like It Or Not)

As much as you care for your friends, they will come and go. You will grow apart from most of them, but your family will always be there for you. Who else will have your back as the police question why you passed out on your neighbors front lawn holding nothing but a monkey on a leash with a 5 iron?


This Too Shall Pass

I know you might get bummed out sometimes but trust someone who knows… this shall pass. Whatever trivial matter seems life-altering today will seem silly years from now, except swallowing gum. That stuff will stay in you for decades, never swallow your gum!


Good Deeds Will Be Rewarded

Be nice and do good things! It doesn't take much to open a door for someone or to help a lady with her groceries as she leaves the store. Random acts of kindness are sometimes a learned behavior, start learning soon. The only exception is Gingers, as their lack of a soul makes them unable to register kind deeds done to/for them. (Kidding, gingers. Please don't haunt me!)


Don't Be Your Own Worst Enemy

Nobody will ever be as hard on you as you are. Be kind to yourself as there are times that nobody else will.

This goes for everybody but Justin Bieber, he can never be to hard on himself!


Karma Is A Real Bitch

(not this kind of Karma)

Karma, the golden rule, or whatever you want to call it is real. I am not saying that your house will burn down because you cut that guy off in traffic…

But you also don't want the kind of Karmic debt people like the guys in Nickleback have accumulated for farting out a string of audio nonsense.

These are a few of the life-hacks that I wish I would have known in my younger years feel free to comment down below if you think that I have missed something.

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