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A ‘Life-Size’ Sequel Starring Tyra Banks is Coming Next Year

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Those who loved the Disney Channel original movie Life-Size, which starred Lindsay Lohan and Tyra Banks, are jumping for f*cking joy right now. It’s just been announced that a sequel to the film (re)starring Tyra Banks is coming to Freeform in 2018.

For those who aren’t nostalgic ’00s kids who don’t know, Life-Size was a Disney movie about a young, motherless girl (classic Disney), who wishes her doll Eve to life. But when Eve comes to life in the form of an insanely peppy Tyra Banks, she makes it her mission to help the young, acerbic girl (Lindsay Lohan) navigate her motherless, pre-teen feelings. And there’s also this…

I don’t know what we were on in 2000 to find this sh*t as entertaining as we did, but whatever it is, I want to be on it again. Things were so much simpler back in the days when Lindsay was the Hollywood It girl and Tyra wasn’t an overused meme. 🙁

As for reactions to the sequel announcement, the internet is basically throwing a party.

Tyra reaaaally wants Zendaya to star in the sequel, but she also mentioned that she’d entertain the idea of throwing Lindsay a cameo (but not really): “I love Lindsay… I have not [reached out to offer a cameo], but I think it would be interesting. I have to talk to my producing partners. I think it would be interesting, right? That was my girl back in the day!” Translation: Lindsay better be ready to get ghosted the moment she tries to reach out to Tyra on this one :/

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