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Lil Wayne in Chains – Week One

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This week America cried as Lil Wayne headed to New York State’s premiere vacation spot Rikers Island to begin his yearlong sentence, on an old weapons possession charge.

Weezy on Rikers

Even the New Orleans police officer who saved young Wayne’s life in 1994 is sad to see the lyrical rapper go to jail.

Robert Hoobler, who saved Lil’ Wayne’s life when he was 14.
Totally bummed.

Wayne’s sentencing had been delayed due to a fire at the courthouse where his sentencing was set to occur. And then, dental surgery involving not one, but eight root canals to get his teeth up to jail standards. (Who knew getting into jail was so hard?)

But he and what’s left of his teeth finally made it to the famous island last week.

Do you have any contraband to declare?

While I have a strong feeling Lil Wayne will probably continue to release music from his jail cell, I have a feeling he won’t be releasing as many babies. And apparently in his first week he’s already been banned from signing autographs in his cell.

America misses you already, Wayne.