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Lindsay Lohan BOMBS on SNL!

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Lindsay Lohan hosted Saturday Night Live over the weekend to promote her new film, which is titled She doesn't have a new film. I don't know why she was invited. Did SNL have a contest to host that week? Open a pack of M & Ms and if they're all grey you get to host SNL?

I ate so many M & Ms that year. Good times.

And it was a hard episode to watch. Lohan fumbled her words, took huge pauses between lines, and seemingly made a point to look directly at the cue cards. Look, she can't even look Andy Samberg in the eye.


Which actually turned out to be smart, because this is the last person to look Andy Samberg directly in the eye.


But this shouldn't be surprising. The last movie Lindsay Lohan was in came out in 2010, which means she probably shot it in 2009, which means she hasn't acted in over three years. Unless you count her talk show appearances.

"I want to focus more on my career and less on cocaine."

A high-pressure situation, such as live television, is not the best place to jump back into acting. I feel like the right move is to find a local theater troupe doing Grease, play Rizzo opposite a single mom who watches a lot of Glee and still thinks dreams can come true, and work the acting kinks out. Otherwise, your first time attempting a skill you've let atrophy comes off not only as clumsy, but as the sad, predictable kind of clumsy.

Pictured: An argument for the post-Cartesian method of experience as the defining method of cataloguing the human condition vis a vis the mind/ body dualism system proposed by Descartes circa 1647.

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