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Little Anthony, Boy Picasso

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I know I’ve mentioned how I wasn’t very smart when I was younger in my previous Pit article What Would Little Anthony Do? but come on, who doesn’t like to bag on their younger, less intelligent selves every once in a while?

I have this piece of “art” pinned on my wall to remind me how stupid I was when I was 5 years old.

Yes, you read it right. It says “Sometimes it looked like a slide, but it wasn’t a slide.”

Let’s just ignore the fact that the torn piece of paper in the center looks nothing like a slide and more like a triangle, and focus on the text. “Sometimes it looked like a slide, but it wasn’t a slide.”

I just can’t get over how funny that sentence is. If someone said this to me in real life today, I’d probably silently walk away, assuming they’d probably stab me if I stayed within stabbing range. (Stabbing range is approximately 5 feet from a person.)

And let’s not even get into how I initially misspelled my own name and wrote it as “Athony” and had to cram the “n” into my name last minute.

What were some really stupid pieces of “art” you made when you were really young?