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5 Strange TV Show Crossovers You Completely Forgot About

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Once a staple of the Must-See-TV era, the sitcom crossover, where characters from one fictional universe turn up in another, is back in fashion (see: The Simpsons/Family Guy). On paper, the idea of injecting successful characters from one show into another seems like a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, but when you consider that it cuts down on story time for everyone involved and leaves giant holes in the continuity of each show’s universe, maybe the crossover is more trouble than it’s worth. (And by “sometimes” I mean “always” and by “is more trouble than it’s worth” I mean “reeks of ratings desperation.”)

That said, there have been some pretty bananas sitcom crossovers through the years. Some are obscure, while others are just bafflingly awesome. (And all of them are instantaneously forgettable.) Here are some of the best obscure and forgotten live-action cross-overs TV has had to offer:

Family Matters/Full House

Full House and Family Matters are great case-studies in the effect of nostalgia on a generation of TV watchers. Many of the same people who pontificate about the quality of TV shows today will also go to bat for Full House and Family Matters. Don’t get me wrong, I like Full House and I LOVE Family Matters, but I am also entirely a product of the media my generation was fed growing up.

No matter where you land on the spectrum of nostalgic viewer preferences, it is pretty clear that forcing Steve Urkle into the Tanner house was about as necessary as a grown man raising his daughters with his best friend and brother-in-law.


Hannah Montana/Cory in The House

Cory in The House was the short lived spin-off of That’s So Raven featuring Raven’s dad and younger brother Cory living in the White House. This cross-over didn’t even feature the titular Cory, focusing instead on Sophia Martinez, the daughter of the President, and her meeting with super-star Hannah Montana. A more contemporary analogous situation would be if Tedward the bailiff from Bad Judge showed up in an episode of Parks and Recreation because he loves Lesie Knope. But to be fair, who doesn’t love Lesie Knope?


Sabrina the Teenage Witch/Boy Meets World

The Boy Meets World episode “No Guts, No Cory” landed in the middle of a TGIF cross-over bonanza which featured Salem the cat from Sabrina the Teenage Witch showing up in different shows during the night and causing mischief. On Boy Meets World, that mischief took the form of a spell that sent Cory and the gang back to the 1940s France. Even worse, Salem barely does anything in this episode other than be a cat. He doesn’t even talk to Cory. Apparently time travel is fine, but a TALKING CAT? That would totally f*cking absurd.


Community/Cougar Town

Many fans of Community are aware of the show’s unique connection to Cougar Town, including a My Dinner with Andre-esque monologue from Abed about his misadventure as an extra on the show. After that episode aired, Abed actually did make an appearance on Cougar Town, but without the proper context, the scene might have been baffling to fans of Cougar Town totally unaware of it’s existence in the Community universe.


Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

This. Is. Dope. As. F*ck. It doesn’t need to make sense.


Remember any other live-action cross-overs that have been forgotten by time? Tell me which ones on Twitter or in the comments below.


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