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‘LOST’ Star Matthew Fox Punches A Bus Driver In The Junk?

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Do you remember Matthew Fox? He was like one of the main guys on LOST.


Well, in addition to being famous for LOST, yesterday he became re-famous for allegedly punching a woman in her face.

Heather Bormann, 29, was the driver of a party bus rented for a bachelor party in Cleveland, Ohio. Supposedly, Matthew Fox (who was in Cleveland for some reason) tried to get on the bus and Heather didn't recognize him as being with the bachelor party. When she confronted him, according to Bormann, he didn't say anything, he just started punching her… IN HER CROTCH. Ouch. She also said that Fox “smelled like a bar”


There are a variety of possible explanations that could explain his alleged behavior. Perhaps he thought he saw two bees on her, and with no time to lose he tried to punch them off her chest and stomach.


Beating up a female party bus driver sounds more like a Tyler The Creator lyric than something you'd hear about a cast member from the show "Lost." But apparently cast members of Lost be some crazy ass mothers. I'm sure soon we'll hear about Hurley getting arrested for allegedly throwing a baby at another baby.



How has Matthew Fox physically assaulted you? Let us know in the comments!


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