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Lost Treasures Nathan Drake Should Hunt Down In Uncharted 4

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Since I'm a human being who can feel the emotions of joy and exhilaration, I loved the crap out of Uncharted 3. But here's the thing: It left nowhere to go for Uncharted 4! Let's postulate for a minute about what could come for ole' Nathan Drake if he decides to shake the potato chip crumbs off his chest and get going for another adventure.


The Heart of the Ocean from Titanic


I've never seen Titanic, but from what I gather from the Internet if Nathan Drake finds the Heart of the Ocean, Leonardo DiCaprio has to paint him like one of his French girls. I don't know what that entails, precisely, but I've got to imagine it's worth it. Mm. So worth it.


Atlantis' Lost Helmet Sword or Whatever


It doesn't matter what the specific treasure is, but let's figure out a way to get Nathan Drake into Atlantis already. How is that every video game has an awful swimming level and never a rad Atlantis level? All video games should have Atlantis levels, all right?! There! I said it!


The Gold Mosaic Inca Earring from Chapter 5 in Uncharted 1


Because he sure as Hell couldn't find it in Uncharted 1. My lack of a Platinum Trophy proves that, doesn't it Nathan Drake? Doesn't it?


An answer to America's income inequality problem


The level spent at Occupy Wall Street would be fun. And informative.




The game's tension would really amp up as Drake tries to find the legendary beast before the weird guys who wear flannel all the time and have less than 65 percent of their teeth find him first!


The Book of Secrers from National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets


It's got a lot of secrets in it, and Nicolas Cage never found it! That means it's still out there!

I should note that I fell asleep watching National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets, but at the time I did Nicolas Cage hadn't found it yet, so I assume he didn't. The guy had an air of incompetence about him.


The Holy Grail


This was the cup Jesus served his Disciples wine out of, which many Christians believe was also his blood. If Nathan Drake could find it, we could finally do what science was invented to do: CLONE JESUS.


Is there anything you're hoping Nathan Drake will find in Uncharted 4? Let us know in the comments!

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