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5 Major Plot Holes in Otherwise Great Movies

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What makes a movie great? Is it the acting? Ground breaking special effects? The fact that “great” is a subjective term and people can think anything is great and don’t really need to substantiate the claim with any facts because it is just their opinion? It’s impossible to say.

But no matter how great a film is, the smallest plot hole can, over time, drive the most devout fan mad. There are movies you love, that you’ll watch over and over, each time growing a little more frustrated by some inane little logic fallacy. Anyway, let me point out for you some plot holes in otherwise great films.


Toy Story

plot hole toy


The Toy Story series might be one of the few trilogies in film history that stayed fresh, heart-warming, and fun which each new installment. It is a fantastic bastion of cinematic glory. There is however, one huge glaring plot hole at the beginning of the franchise. In the original Toy Story film, a large component of the plot revolves around Buzz Lightyear (a toy) not know that he is in fact a child’s plaything (phrasing?). Hilarious mayhem ensues. Within this context though, Buzz still become inanimate when a human is present. One possible explanation for this is that whatever magic that allows the toys to move and talk is only in effect when human eyes are not watching. This possible “out” crumbles when you consider that at the end of the movie the toys use talking and movement to scare Sid. If Buzz really does think that he’s a space ranger, but remains motionless when Andy is present, he must believe he lives in some crazy nightmarish reality with a giant alien that plays with him for fun. And maybe he stays absolutely still hoping the huge flesh monster eventually loses interest in him.


Jurassic Park

plot hole jurassic


Jurassic Park is a great movie. No question. It has dinosaurs; it has Jeff Goldblum; it has a guy with an accent saying “clever girl” — all the basic components necessary to make a great piece of cinema. One flaw with the film, though, comes from one of its most iconic scenes. When the Tyrannosaurus escapes its pen, it walks out from level ground on one side of the fence to the other. Then moments later, the T-Rex pushes a car over the same fencing and it falls down a huge friggin cliff that materialized out of nowhere. This makes for a couple of great action sequences when you’re not thinking about it, but once you notice the error it’s kinda hard to unnotice it. However, if you are willing to suspend your disbelief that dinosaurs are brought back to life by cloning and Jeff Goldblum’s incredulity, then maybe just go a step further and pretend that cliffs can be brought into existence because of plot convenience and Jeff Goldblum’s incredulity.


Lord of the Rings

plot hole eagles


Boromir: “One does not simply walk into Mordo—”

Gandalf: “Eagles.”

Boromir: “What? What was that? Gandalf, did you just say something?”

Gandalf: “Giant-ass eagles.”

Boromir: “What about eagles? What does that have to do with anyth—”

Gandalf: “I have access to crazy-cool giant-ass eagles.”

Boromir: “I don’t know if I follow.”

Gandalf: “Let me play back what just happened here for you, chief. You were all whining “One does not simply walk into Mordor.’ And I’m like “Oh, okay. So what if instead of walking, we just fly into Mordor, like straight up the side of Mount Doom, on my sick-ass giant-motherf*cking eagles, who are my majestic friends and magic partners.”

Boromir: “Okay, that actually sounds great. Problem solved. I was worried this journey was gonna be a WHOLE thing, and we’d need a fellowship or something. But I guess we can just send Frodo on an eagle. One quick question though: Why are you walking anywhere then? Why not constantly just be riding eag —”

*Gandalf jumps on an eagle and rides into the sunset, shouting over his shoulder as he goes*

Gandalf: “I talk to them with butterflies!”

[Editor note: Looking forward to the detailed explanation about this one down in the comments!]


The Dark Knight

plot hole dark


The Dark Knight stands as THE litmus for great comic book movies. It comprises fantastic performances, gritty realism, and jaw-dropping action sequences. Oh, and THE GODDAMN BATMAN. It is a movie that normally I would go to bat for (SEE WHAT I DID THERE) if anyone was speaking ill of it. However, this is a list of great movies with plot holes. And that’s exactly what The Dark Knight is and has. The movie moves at such a fast pace that this particular plot hole doesn’t even register when watching casually. But someone who is the self-proclaimed world’s greatest detective should be able to spot that when the Joker tosses Rachel out of the window during the party scene, there is something amiss. After Batman jumps after Rachel and somehow uses a car as a pillow (but whatever, cause did I mention he is the GODDAMN BATMAN), the Joker is just still up at the party, presumably continuing to spill more champagne on the floor than he manages to get in his mouth. The movie just cuts away.

But I implore you to take a moment and consider how massively awkward that party is for the guests once Batman makes his falling exit. The Joker is still there with a gun. He is still looking for Dent. His men just got their asses kicked. And there is, at this point, probably just buckets of champagne on the floor cause the Joker can’t seem to get it in his mouth. Okay, but seriously did anyone else notice that when the Joker grabs that champagne glass from that woman at the party, like MOST of the champagne spills on the floor and he only drinks a tiny bit of it? It’s like, okay, I get that you are a “psychopathic, mass murdering, schizophrenic clown with zero empathy”, but champagne ain’t cheap!


Harry Potter

plot hole harry


The Harry Potter series is fantastic. It is incredible to watch the actors grow up in front of your eyes and develop their roles into three-dimensional depictions of iconic literary characters. It is a marvelous story that takes its time, and has many wonderful twists and turns along the way.

There is, however, one major plot hole in the series, and it actually happens pretty early on. You may notice in the first film that the Harry and some of the other characters use magic. Magic isn’t real. Later in the series, if you are paying close attention, you will see characters use magic again. I couldn’t help but notice how many times the story relies on the use of magic to help the characters get out of tricky situations, and every time I was like “That’s not real. That’s fake. Magic isn’t real.” I still think the movies have merit, but I just feel like it is a bit like lazy story telling to have not caught such a glaring plot hole.


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