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Make-A-Wish Kid Gets To Blow Up A Building!

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We here at the Smosh Pit LOVE us some badass kids! Whether it's the success kid or the baby godfather memes or just a super-rad photoshopped pic of a kid doing something unexpectedly badass, it gets our mad love. But now we have a genuine badass kid to love. He's kind of like the living embodiment of the pic below, only without the massive weaponry.


His name is Maxwell Hinton and he's a 7 year old boy from Fresno,CA,  suffering from neuro-blastoma, a cancer that commonly affects children. Maxwell was granted a wish through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, an organization that helps the dreams of sick children come true. A lot of kids wish to meet a favorite celebrity or to take a dream vacation to Disney World, but Maxwell kind of broke the mold. Or maybe I should say  he blew the mold to smithereens. His wish? To blow up a building. I know, right??

Let's detonate this shizzle!


Luckily for Maxwell, a ConAgra building in Ohio needed some razing! So Maxwell and his family were flown out, so Maxwell could DESTROY a building. LOVE IT!

Maxwell said that he gained his love of explosions from watching the show Mythbusters. An Adam and Jamie fan? Just another reason to love him!


About 40, 000 people showed up to watch Maxwell's wish come true. After the show was over, Maxwell said, 'I had a great time.' Keeping it real, yo!  Just exploding buildings, cool as a cucumber, while kicking cancer's ass to boot. I love this kid! 

I will destroy you and then I will have lunch at McDonalds. No biggie.


Here's a looksie at a local news story on Maxwell:

So how much do you love Maxwell Hinton? Let me know about the badass kids in your life @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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