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Netflix’s ‘Making a Murderer 2’ Trailer Promises New Evidence: Here’s What It Will Be

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Last Year, Netflix’s Making a Murderer captivated us all. We watched Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey go to jail for a crime, even though there sure was a lot of evidence suggesting they didn’t do it. But that was only the beginning — Netflix just put out a trailer for Making a Murderer 2, and you’ve got to check it out:

Did you hear all that? How many vagaries did you count in that trailer? Everyone’s going, “there’s a lot based on that bullet”; “there’s an abundance of evidence” and “this could flip the whole case”. Sure sounds like NEW EVIDENCE to me! But what will these new clues be? Well, we here at Smosh had our tipsters send some of it over, and it. Is. Surprising!

Does this new evidence clear Steven Avery in your mind? Or have you spent so much time on Tinder that you think everyone’s a killer?