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Man Marries Pillow

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Now I know some people have a problem with a man marrying another man — but what about when a man is married to a pillow?

A 28 year-old man from Japan has fallen in love with and married his ‘dakimakura’, which is a large pillow that usually has the face of an anime character drawn on it. The particular pillow he fell for had a picture of Fate Testarossa, who is a character in the anime series called ‘Magic Girl’.

“Do you take this pillow…”

Now I don’t watch a lot of anime so I had to look up who this character was, I found a picture and I have to say, she is pretty good looking — for someone who isn’t even real — but hot enough to make me marry a pillow? No, I think not.

I wonder if it’s the pillow he really loves, or the character — and I don’t even want to get into what their sex life must be like.

Fate Testarossa in 2D form.

A friend of this man says (don’t worry, I was surprised he had a friend too) that he takes his pillow everywhere with him, from bringing it to the park for a picnic to toting it along it to the fair so it can join him on all the rides. He even goes out to dinner with the pillow and makes sure that it always gets its own separate meal.

If I was him I would try and trick my waiter into thinking that my pillow date was actually eating its food, you know, slip food under the table and ask if she can have seconds.

I don’t know about you but if I saw this man and his “wife” in public I wouldn’t be able to stop staring at them. I try not to be a rude person but I think you have to make an exception when a man is serving steak to a pillow.

But can she do laundry?

He could be doing it for the attention — maybe that’s what gets him off, he likes to look like he’s completely insane, or, maybe, he’s completely insane.

This man apparently decided to get married to his pillow shortly after another man in Japan got married to his virtual girlfriend. Well, at least if you talk to a virtual girlfriend she will reply — there’s not a lot of pillow talk to be had with a pillow, hah see what I did there?

Maybe this could be starting as a fad in Japan — we’re probably going to see a lot of these weird relationships being exposed to the world. If a man and a pillow can get married why not a man and his favorite toaster?

Appliance love?