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Man Proposes To Girlfriend Using MEMES

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What do you do when you're a real life Awkward Penguin who thinks that it's IMPOSSIBRU! for you to ever wanna marry the woman you love? You buck up, get creative and propose LIKE A BOSS! That's what!


Which is exactly what Timothy Tiah Ewe Tiam (AKA Fatty) did when he proposed to his lady love, Audrey Ooi Feng Ling (AKA Shorty…BTW these are their nicknames for each other ,not mine) at a restaurant in Malaysia. Using print outs of Internet memes, like Victory Baby, Y U No guy and Philosoraptor, Fatty surprised Shorty with what is probably the best proposal ever, as friends looked on.

She admits to being scared at first and actually thought it was a break up. Which would be the worst break-up EVER! (Although I would admire such a d*ck move for its creativity.)The two had discussed marriage before, but Fatty had made his fears about tying the knot well-known to Shorty. So she was super-surprised to find out that it was in fact the best marriage proposal EVER!


Shorty gives an awesomely adorable breakdown of the whole proposal on her blog.   Even when she realized what was actually happening, it STILL took her awhile to accept the fact that Fatty was really proposing to her. I guess all of her friends crying tears of joy around her made her finally believe! Nice work Fatty! Dare I say you've officially taken the adorkable crown from Zooey Deschanel?


I guess no matter how scared you are about taking the plunge, when you me gusta someone that much you just gotta be a Courage Wolf and get the job done! Besides, nothing is scarier than ending up Forever Alone…am I right?


I could try and draw out the suspense…did Shorty say yes? Did she make Fatty cry? Hell, no! It's Christmas times! Only heartwarming stories need apply! She said YES! Because she loves him like a fat kid loves cake!


Of course Fatty was prepared for both outcomes. Because he is awesome and hilarious. 


Is there a meme wedding in the future? I hope so!  ME GUSTA! I used to be such a holiday grinch…then I took an arrow in the heart.  Or something like that.

Here's a look at the proposal: 

Did this story melt your cold, cold heart too? Let me know the best marriage proposal you've ever heard of @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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