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Man Rides Jetski Around The World

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Earlier this week a 51-year-old airline pilot set off to ride a jetski personal watercraft from London, England to New Zealand. That’s nearly 20,000 miles.


He’s doing it to set a new world record as well as to raise awareness about cancer prevention. The trip is going to taking him over four months of riding twelve hours a day or more.

He ought to invest in one of these padded butt protectors for the ride.



Here some other examples of folks using outrageous transportation devices to raise awareness across the globe.


Helga Shecklanburger

She’s riding and ab fitness wheel across the entire country of Holland to raise awareness about spandex allergies.


Timmy & Susan Bumgartner

They’re driving Timmy’s electric truck to raise awareness for cootie prevention.


Allison Kimberton

She’s bodyboarding the entire length of Colorado’s Snake River to get the word out about excessive underarm sweating.


Archibald McGuillivrey

He’s pedaling his fitness chair the equivalent of the distance of the moon and back to bring Matlock re-runs back to afternoons on his favorite basic cable channel.


Chaz Stoppard

He’s leaping the Grand Canyon on his souped up pogostick to get people to vote against a proposed sales tax increase in his hometown.


Delbert Hassenfozz

He’s stilt-walking across a Norwegian lava flow to raise awareness about polar bear diabetes.


The Johnson Family

They’re paddleboating up Niagara Falls to raise $10,000 to fight vertigo.


Calvin Landry

He’s riding a Roomba across Aruba to help fight restless leg syndrome.

What would you to do to get the word out to people about something you care about?


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