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Man Sues Uncle Over Embarrassing Facebook Photos

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I'm pretty sure at some point we've all been tagged in an embarrassing or unflattering photo on Facebook…am I right? I mean it's kind of par for the course as far as Facebook goes. There's pretty much only one way to avoid it…NEVER let anyone take your photo ever again. And even if you choose that option, there's always photos from your past that can turn up and bite you in the ass.

This seemed like a good idea at one time.


Well, Minneapolis man, Eric Olson, decided to do something about those embarrassing tags! He sued his uncle, Randall LaBrie, for harassment after LaBrie posted a childhood photo of Olson with snarky commentary for all to see. Unfortunately for Olson, his case was thrown out and his appeal was denied. Which is very fortunate for me and everyone I know. If rude Facebook comments became a crime, we would be like The Sopranos of snark.



Olson was petitioning that LaBrie remove the photos or edit him out. LaBrie removed the tags, but told his nephew that if he didn't like it "he should stay off of Facebook."  Aren't you DYING to see the photo? I mean it can't be any worse than what you find on


The Court's decision stated that 'Comments that are mean and disrespectful, coupled with innocuous family photos, do not affect a person's safety, security, or privacy — and certainly not substantially so." Therefore failing to meet the legal definition of harassment. PHEW! We're all safe to go back to Facebook and give people what's coming to them!


What do you think? Should you be allowed to sue over something you write or do on Facebook? Let us know in the comments! 

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