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Man Wins $1 Million Playing a Video Game!

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Taking heat from your parents or mate about your video game play? Well, shut them up with this story!

Gaming Pays!

Can you really make money playing video games? Yes you can! Just ask Wade McGilberry. The dude just won a million dollars playing a video game. How, you ask? Well, it went like this.

The Offer

Take-Two Interactive offered a million bucks to the first person to pitch a perfect game when they released “Major League Baseball 2K10” on March 2nd.

A Rare Feat

Kinda’ like the perfect game pitched Sunday by Dallas Braden. No one makes it as far as first base. No hits, no walks, no errors.

The Perfect Game

McGilberry bought the game at midnight as soon as it came out and started pitching. Bada bing, bada boom, a few hours later he was a million dollars richer. Not only does it pay to play video games, but it pays to have them first as well.

Money Talks

Just ask the dude’s wife. She never liked her husband’s obsession…until now! Cha-ching!

Keep on playing! It pays!

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