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The Many Faces of Miley Cyrus

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Miley Cyrus is beyond incredible, and she’s probably the wealthiest Disney Channel prodigy to date. She is so versatile that she can only be justly defined with seven different faces. Her life is definitely not just Miley v. Hannah. It’s much, much worse.


Lindsay Lohan

The amount of parallels in their lives is uncanny. Firstly, they were innocent child actors. Then they grew up a little. Then they grew up a lot. Then they became serious actors – oh wait, no, that can’t happen for Miley; it would be so great if Miley showed any signs of acting ability.


Billy Ray Cyrus

This is the evil tyrant behind Miley’s uprising. He is living his dream of being more than a one-hit wonder (and appeal to ten-year-old girls?) through his daughter. They are literally the same person, both in their personality and their looks. It’s all his fault that any time a song by Miley plays, I have achy, breaky ear drums.


Mother Teresa

Let’s not be too mean, though. Miley does have her sweet side. For example, the time she didn’t even yell at Kanye West for hijacking her acceptance speech, or the time she donated $100,000 to the Red Cross, or the time she swiftly went from being a simple country girl to a pop sensation. Miley is really just so, so great.


Taylor Swift

Miley has an adorable, Taylor Swift side too. She played everyone’s favorite raspy-voiced weekend-superstar in the hit show Hannah Montana where she proved to everyone that she really can’t sing.


Hilary Duff

Sure, they both were the leading roles in their own Disney Channel shows, and, sure, they were stars in their own movies. But the real similarity between them is the fact that they both try really hard to sing. It’s just too bad that the rain didn’t fall down to break their dreams.


Jonas Brothers

They are the male equivalent of Hannah Montana: insincere music, bad singing, and burnin’ up the charts. Because they are true male/female counterparts, it was mind boggling to me that both appeal almost entirely to little girls. I couldn’t figure out why. But then, it hit me: the Jonas Brothers are girls.


Britney Spears

Spears through the ear canal, as I always say. Britney was pretty much the beginning of bad, catchy, cute (before reaching insanity) child singers. Miley Cyrus is just like Britney because of how both their music is intensely (dramatic pause) Toxic.

Who else does Miley Cyrus remind you of? Tell us in the comments below.


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