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Marvel Could Get the X-Men Back if Disney Buys Fox Studios, Thank GOD

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We fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have long known the heartbreak of seeing our favorite characters team up in the comics but not in the movies — there was a time when we didn’t know if Tony Stark was legally allowed to recruit Spider-Man, since Sony owned the webslinger’s rights and the Avengers movies were made under Marvel’s independant film studio (which would later be bought by Disney). And as we all know, the characters from different movie studios are not allowed to meet.

marvel fox spider-man avengers
Honestly, leaving Spider-Man out of the Avengers was keeping me up at night, along with all the terrible things I’ve ever done.

Things were eventually righted, though, once Sony and Disney worked out a deal to let Spider-Man come home in Captain America: Civil War. And today, we’re one step closer to having what I consider the last missing piece of the canonical Avengers jumping onto the team — the rumor mill is a’churnin’, suggesting that Marvel’s parent company, Disney, is working to buy Fox Studios, who currently own the X-Men. A CNBC report suggests a deal could happen next week, which would finally put all of Marvel’s greatest characters — including the Fantastic Four and the X-Men — under one corporate roof. Just imagine the exciting team-up movies we could finally get!

Surely THIS would make me feel something; anything.

And to that I say THANK GOD — the fact that Wolverine, like Spider-Man before him, hasn’t been a part of the Avengers almost ruins the movies if you think about it too hard. I mean, those of us who’ve read Avengers comics for forever picture the line-up when we think about it in our heads — Thor, Cap, Iron Man, Hulk, Spider-Man, and Wolverine are the heavy-hitters. Seeing the crew without first Spider-Man and now Wolverine just felt off, like a dollar store version of a toy.

marvel fox dollar store
My nephew got Bork Laghtyore for his birthday, and was very disappointed, rightly.

And the worst part was, it wasn’t even a story decision to keep some of the best characters out of the Avengers — it was just awful ol’ real-life. In the comics, sure, Wolverine would get taken hostage by, like, Magneto probably and miss an adventure, but in the movies, Wolverine is absent because real-world executives can’t get it together. In the comics, we always knew Wolverine would make it back to the team. But in real life, the good guys don’t always win.

marvel disney fox fantastic four
As evidenced by the existence of every Fantastic Four movie.

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